Dementia Action Week will take place on Monday 20–Sunday 26 May 2019

15 December 2018

Every three minutes, someone in the UK develops dementia. This could be your family member, a friend or neighbor.
There are around 850,000 in the UK with dementia, with over 42,000 under 65. In a very small number of people certain types of dementia can be inherited, with scientists investigating how dementia can run in the family.

While we’ve come a long way in raising dementia as an issue – too many people with dementia still report feeling cut off from their community, losing friendships and face the disease alone. United we have the power to change this.

Dementia Action Week brings local communities together to take action and help support people with dementia to live well and stop them feeling so isolated.
Saint Therese Foundation will host a fundraising event to support The Royal British Legion and assist elderly living with Dementia in Care homes with their basics need such as Toiletries, cloths, mouth washer and Pads.
We believe everyone living with dementia should be supported to live a fulfilling life and we can all be a part of making the UK a more dementia-friendly place to live.

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