15 December 2018
Saint Therese Foundation Hospital
15 December 2018

The primary goal of the HIV/AIDS Sensitization Program is to spread awareness, thereby reducing the number of new infections in Cameroon. The program aims to correct common misconceptions about HIV/AIDS and to ensure that individuals have accurate information, which will help them to make informed decisions.

The sensitization program aims to:

  • Give individuals the confidence and tools to be able to negotiate sex with a partner
  • Encourage individuals to think about sex and to allow them to assess the risks of any type of sexual activity
  • Teach individuals how to reduce the risk of infection by encouraging abstinence, delaying sexual activity, using condoms, and reducing their number of partners
  • Explain where to go to get testing, diagnosis, and counselling for HIV/AIDS
  • Help individuals understand the implications of being HIV infected and to encourage them to keep themselves as healthy as possible, thereby reducing the risk of opportunistic infections Give caregivers information on how to care for HIV/AIDS patients.

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